Catholic Apps

These apps may help you with your daily prayer and Gospel reflections.


This app provides the readings from the daily Mass as well as other prayers. There is a charge for the app, but it allows a month's free trial before you need to decide whether you wish to buy.  

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Divine Office

This app offers the whole of the Liturgy of the Hours, the Divine Office, prayed daily by priests, religious sisters and brothers and many lay people. It automatically updates each day. There is a once-off joining fee.

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Click to Pray

This is the official app of the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network that that invites men and women from around the world, to accompany the Pope in a mission of prayer for the world. It encourages people to pray with the Pope, to pray every day and to pray with others.

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Sacred Space

Produced by the Irish Jesuits, this website and app invites you to make space in your life each day to pray with the Gospel. It provides the daily Gospel and prayerful reflections. 

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Keep growing in faith with a daily 5-minute dose of the Holy Gospel from the Y-Bible and a  question. 

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The Missal

The Missal is the complete Daily Roman Missal and including all daily prayers and readings of the Mass. (Only available for Android)

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The Magellan

This App focuses on Family and celebrates what makes families so unique. It features podcasts from Majellan’s ‘Figuring out Families’ series, stories and news, and articles from The Majellan magazine filled with advice and spiritual nourishment to help families thrive.

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Docat App

This app inspires people to connect with the social teachings of the Catholic Church and how you can actively make a change in our world today.

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Word on Fire

Bishop Robert Barron provides information on a variety of Catholic issues.  Use a limited version free or subscribe for full access. It’s worth talking a free look.

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