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Wednesday 12th May 2021

St Nereus and Achilleus, St Pancras

Sixth Week in Easter Time

 We admire the skill of St Paul as a teacher, that he could use the experience of the people to lead them to know Jesus.


1.    That we will be in union with the whole Church during this month of May as we seek deliverance from the evil of the pandemic.

Christ, hear us.

Christ, graciously hear us.


2.    That those who share the faith with children and adolescents

may be sensitive to their culture, and show them the face of Jesus

through the integrity of their lives and the wisdom of their words.

Christ, hear us.


3.    That priests may approach people with pastoral love, and help them

to find where God is in their lives, especially where people can only gather in limited numbers for the Eucharist.

Christ, hear us.


4.    That the Spirit of truth may be with all politicians

so that they can be true public servants

working for the welfare of all in this land, with special care for those

impoverished, stressed or fearful during this pandemic.

Christ, hear us.


5.    That the courage of the teenager martyr, St Pancras, may bring a special

blessing upon the youth of our parish, and that the faithfulness of the martyrs Nereus and Achilleus, will encourage those who are imprisoned for their Christian faith.

Lord, hear us.


6.    That we may be in awe of God’s creating hand as we mark today’s World Migratory Bird Day.

Christ, hear us.


Eternal God, heaven and earth are full of your glory. Receive our praise and thanksgiving as we put our trust in you. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Thursday 13th May 2021

Our Lady of Fatima

Sixth Week in Easter Time

The Lord has the power to turn our sorrows into joy because he has conquered death and been raised as the source of eternal life.


1.    We pray with Mary, honoured today as Our Lady of Fatima,

for the world damaged by the coronavirus, for all sick with it,

and those caring for them.

Christ, hear us.


2.    We pray for those who carry the burden of grief,

especially through these many months of the coronavirus pandemic,

remembering those unable to bury their dead and to grieve with

family and friends.

Christ, hear us.


3.    We pray for cooperation and friendships in the Church as seen in the example of Paul living and working with Aquila and his family,

and then later with Justus and his family.

 Christ, hear us.


4.    We pray that the spirit of shared ministry between Paul, Silas and Timothy will be a model for pastoral work in the Church of today.

Christ, hear us.


5.    We pray for those who have asked us for our prayers, for those who have a right to our prayers, and for those who have no one to pray for them.

Christ, hear us.


Lord our God, may we make justice the foundation of our relationships with one another. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Friday 14th May 2021

St Matthias, apostle

We honour St Matthias, whom the Holy Spirit guided the early Christians to elect as an apostle, following the death of Judas.


  1.     That the witness of St Matthias to Jesus, in his preaching and 

martyrdom, will be a source of encouragement to all Christians.

Christ, hear us.


2.       That those who discern the suitability of candidates for the

priesthood, diaconate and religious life, may do so with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, sensitive to the needs of the Church.

Christ, hear us.


3.       That this day of prayer among people of all faiths, in the face of the

Covid 19 pandemic, may be one of constant intercession to God

who loves all humanity and who hears the cry of the poor.

Christ, hear us.


4.       That cooperation between all faiths in every country will see

a great act of charity and compassion which will comfort the distressed,

support those caring for the sick, and foster the production and giving of the vaccine in every country.

Christ, hear us.


4.       That the Church may find new ways of supporting the Catholic communities in many parts of the world who are now deprived of the Eucharist because of a shortage of priests.

Christ, hear us.


Father, you hate violence and love justice. Renew in our hearts the presence and power of the Spirit so that we may be always led in your ways. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Saturday 15th May 2021

6th Week of Easter

 Jesus has assured us that anything we ask for in his name will be given to us.


1.    That we will honour on this day the celebration of the first public Mass in Australia in Sydney in 1803 by Father James Dixon, and pray that the Eucharist will always be the source and summit of our Christian life.

Christ, hear us.


2.    That on this International Day of Families, we will pray for all marriages and give strong support to those who are experiencing marriage problems and breakdown.

Christ, hear us.


3.    That people around the world will honour the place of family life in society, and with this year’s theme, Families and New Technologies,

find ways to support it in a rapidly changing environment.

Christ hear us.


4.    That the example of Aquila and Priscilla instructing Apollos in the

Christian faith, may be a blessing for all lay people in the Church

who also teach others about Christ. 

Christ, hear us.


5.    That our united prayer across the Church this month, in the face of the pandemic, will be strengthened by Jesus’ promise, anything you ask of the Father he will grant in my name

Christ, hear us.


Father, we praise you with one voice for you are God, forever and ever. Amen.